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High quality and high value is important for all our patients. Therefore, we offer only frames and lenses that we believe in and can stand behind. We offer frames exclusive to our office in McKinney, so you can choose a look that is all your own. We have a high-tech optical laboratory in-house and a majority of our eyeglasses are created within the same day of purchase. All eyewear come with full warranties at no additional charge. We are confident that we can provide you with the best product, with the best service, and the best price.

Eyeglass Frames

We only stock frames that will stand up to the constant wear and tear eyeglass frames are subjected to each day. Less expensive frames tend to break or lose screws much more quickly; the quality frames in our optical all come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and will require less maintenance on the part of the patient. Our goal is for each patient to be completely satisfied with the quality and appearance of their frames and lenses.


Especially important are sunglasses- besides looking cool, they keep you safe. More than 50% of melanomas and carcinomas occur around the eyes, and damaging sunrays contribute to premature aging, cataracts, and macular degeneration… not to mention the crow’s feet caused by squinting! Pinnacle Eye Associates’ staff opticians are trained to help customers choose frame styles that work with their visual needs, face shape, coloring, personality, and lifestyle.

High-Definition Lenses

No-line bifocals

We recommend the Shamir Autograph III progressive lens. Their high quality designs make adaptation easier and provide a wider viewing area for computer users. There are less expensive lenses available on the market, however these lenses offer the best optics at the best value to you.

Anti-glare coatings:

Top-quality anti-glare coatings make a huge difference in eye strain and the cosmetic appearance of your glasses. There has been tremendous improvement in the technology of these lenses: they do not fingerprint as easily, nor do they chip or scratch off. We offer a warranty on all of our anti-glare coated lenses.

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