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McKinney Doctor of Optometry - How We Work...

Working with our patients involves combining our expertise and experience, the latest technology, superior products and genuine concern for each patient's health and well-being.

Patient education, preventative care and personalized, long term solutions are key components of how we'll work together to meet your vision care needs.

We provide our patients customized eye care and long-term solutions

Whether your biggest concerns are your own eyes, your child's eye care or medical care for your aging parents, a doctor who truly listens and cares is the best solution for all of your needs. You can rely on Our doctors and the entire staff of Pinnacle Eye Associates to tailor make a plan that offers a real solution for you—one that's based on listening to your concerns and taking the time to finally resolve your problems.

The right eye care and solutions make a tremendous difference in the lives of adults and children:

The 40-year old Mom with presbyopia, allergies and dry eyes:

Will never have to worry or think about her eyes, because the right solutions to fix her problem and meet her needs will be prescribed. She can also take advantage of preventative measures to keep her condition from getting worse.

Adults concerned about medical issues:

Can come to our office and experience exceptional treatment and service. Rather than wait for hours in an ophthalmologist's office, only to receive impersonal and possibly mediocre treatment...adults can come to us and benefit from the latest technology and certifications we offer to treat medical diseases. Adults will receive outstanding care from a professional who truly listens and cares.

The child who is becoming more and more nearsighted:

Will benefit from great vision during the day without the inconvenience or hassle of glasses or contacts. That child can expect a dramatic reduction in the progression of nearsightedness as compared with wearing glasses or contacts. And by working with Pinnacle Eye Associates the child will enjoy an improvement in quality of life long term in terms of what they can and can't see.

The child suffering with reading difficulties:

Can count on increased reading speed, better fluency and greater accuracy with reading. Will gain confidence, improve their grades and enjoy a greatly improved relationship with their parents.

Dr. Carrie Alfieri, Dr. Alycia Green, and their staff spend the time it takes with each patient to really listen to each individual's concerns and needs. As a result, you'll feel completely satisfied you receive the best possible health care, service and products.

Our office features:

  • The latest equipment for your eye exam, testing or treatments.
  • A comfortable, welcoming environment with a friendly, helpful staff.
  • An extensive optical boutique that includes unique and exclusive frames.

You'll feel completely satisfied you receive the best possible health care, service and products each time you visit our office.

We're committed to spending the time it takes with every patient to really listen to each individual's concerns, vision complaints and needs.

We schedule appointments by telephone and online. New and returning patients can request an appointment via email anytime. We'll respond to your request within 24 hours (or the next business day). You can also call our office for appointments at (972) 369-1411.

To save time during your visit, we have made our registration forms available online. All patients can expect that most of the services provided by Pinnacle Eye Associates will be paid for by their medical insurance.

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