Child Eye Care

Why is Child Eye Care at an Early Age Important?

All children need eye exams even if they don't show signs of having any type of visual problems. Problems may be caught early and treated so they don't develop with age and worsen. At Pinnacle Eye Associates, P.A. in McKinney, TX we are the trusted professionals in pediatric eye care for all of your needs. 


When Should Children Have an Eye Exam?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) suggests ideally, children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months old. They should have additional exams at 3 years old and just before they start first grade for TX - child eye care. Afterward, it's a good idea to have an eye exam every two years when your child is a student. If your child needs glasses or contact lenses, then they should have an annual eye exam to stay on top of their vision needs.

What are Common Visual Impairments in Children?

There are several visual impairments that occur in children and you may not even notice them without an eye exam. Any child may develop misaligned eye movements with one eye looking straight while another eye is turned in, out, up or down, or tracking problems where they can't follow objects, as they should. They may develop either farsightedness or nearsightedness at an early age as well. These abnormalities can be found through an eye exam and corrected early in your child's life by Dr. Carrie D. Alfieri - McKinney

Why is Pediatric Eye Care So Important?

Some common childhood eye problems can actually cause blindness later in life if they are not caught at an early stage of life. When a child's eyes are misaligned, each eye will send a signal to the brain of what it is seeing and the two images will be different. In time, the brain will ignore the signals from the weaker eye and essentially make your child blind in that eye to cause depth perceptions and other permanent vision disorders.

In order to be successful in school, your child must be able to see properly. with TX - child eye care. Otherwise, they may get debilitating headaches from squinting at the board and makes school work very challenging.

 We Are Here to Help

At Pinnacle Eye Associates, P.A. in Richmond, TX we specialize in family eye care including infant age to children of all ages. You can contact Dr. Carrie D. Alfieri - McKinney to set an eye appointment for your child to make certain their vision in on track. You can call us at 972-369-1411 to schedule an appointment today!

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